Sunday, December 14, 2008


For the past three months , I've been thinking about one thing.... and one thing only... Going abroad.  Images of beautiful churches, elegant palaces, and bustling discotecas have made this quarter the most difficult quarter I've had at Stanford...

I literally could not put my hands on the keyboard without opening up google and looking at the thousands of images of Europe...  When attempting to do stats homework, my inner impulses forced me to draw stick figures doing the most obscure things.   Here's an example of one of my favorites...

Its me, with my new European haircut on the left,  and Natalie flying a kite at the beach in Barcelona!!! Sounds fun huh!!!!  Can't wait! 

Anyway, I will embark on this journey on January 6th, 2009...  It will begin in the 3rd largest city in Europe, Madrid, known for its strong historical presence and crazy nightlife.  I promise to let my impulses take over, which as many of you know and have witnessed, can prove to make for some very interesting stories.  I'll add about an entry a week, including pictures, to let everyone know whats poppin in my life.

Brant Bishop, aka "The Animal", will join me in a few fun-filled weekend trips... we'll try our best to come back alive. 

Hope everyone's enjoying break.... I'll miss you guys!  Don't forget all the shotguns you owe me!